Summer 2017

This summer was an interesting experience. I was the teaching assistant for the LSU Study Abroad – Alaska Marine Biology program. The students spent three weeks in Juneau, AK studying the intertidal coast and learning about marine biology. There were field trips to the intertidal coast, a NOAA facility, a fish hatchery, a cruise, and the USDA forest service station. I was in charge of a dozen students that investigated how intertidal height changed species diversity of seaweeds or snail shell size. Half of the students studied muddy intertidal zones and the other half studied rocky intertidal zones. Each group found a significant effect of height on their measured variable (seaweed diversity or snail size). Check out their posters below

Alaska Poster 1

Alaska Poster 2

Alaska Poster 3

Alaska Poster 4

Here are some photos from the trip:

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