My list of publications and some photos to help tell their stories (updated 6/17/2020):

Flick AJ, TA Coudron, BD Elderd. 2020. Intraguild predation decreases predator fitness with potentially varying effects on pathogen transmission in a herbivore host. Oecologia. (PDF. The final authenticated version is available online at:

Acevedo MA, FP Dillemuth, AJ Flick, MJ Faldyn, BD Elderd. 2019. Virulence-driven trade-offs in disease transmission: A meta-analysis. Evolution. 73(4): 636-647.

Allen WJ, LA Meyerson, AJ Flick, JT Cronin. 2018. Plant-soil feedbacks, spillover, and competition between native and invasive wetland plants. Ecology. 99(6): 1430-1440. (PDF from JT Cronin)

Van Allen BG, FP Dillemuth, AJ Flick, MJ Faldyn, DR Clark, VHW Rudolf, BD Elderd. 2017. Cannibalism and infectious disease: friends or foes? The American Naturalist. 190(3): 299-312. (PDF from University of British Columbia)

Flick AJ, MA Acevedo, BD Elderd. 2016. The Negative Effects of Pathogen-Infected Prey on Predators: A Meta-analysis. Oikos. 125(11): 1554-1560. (Editor’s Choice) (PDF , SupplementalThe definitive version is available at

Ferro ML, AJ Flick. 2015. “Collection Bias” and the Importance of Natural History Collections in Species Habitat Modeling: A Case Study Using Thoracophorus costalis Erichson (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Osoriinae), with a Critique of The Coleopterist’s Bulletin. 69 (3): 415-425. (PDF from ML Ferro)

Ferro ML, AJ Flick. 2014. “Advertising” Biodiversity to the Public: Designing Graphics to Encourage Active Discovery and Engagement. American Entomologist. 60 (2): 116-120. (PDF from ML Ferro)

Flick AJ, N Lee. 2011 Coexistence of Multi-allelic Polymorphism with Migration and Selection. Journal of Undergraduate Research at Minnesota State University, Mankato. 11: 1-4. (PDF #This is a very old paper, read with caution, and “peer review” was a bit loose)

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