House Post 2

Last night we got back to the house a bit late. I took some things to the basement and did some raking while Tatum got us dinner from the B&B Hitching Post, they make a mean pulled pork sandwich! Apparently, they also continued the trend of making us think Portage is home of the nicest people you could ask for. We got the bedroom painted a nice grey. We didn’t worry too much with getting it on the ceiling, since we’re going to cover it with bead board someday. Tonight we’re going to do any touch ups that need to be done and then clean all the stuff out, scrape any paint off the floor, and otherwise make the room ready to be sanded. One room down, the rest of the house to go!

Tonight we’ll be working on the kitchen for the most part. I started cleaning the drawers and cabinet doors last night, so we’ll finish cleaning and then put primer over everything in there tonight. I would also like to get primer on the rest of the window sills, but that may be ambitious. Other ambitious plans include steam cleaning 2 of the 3 upstairs rooms to help with the old, pesky cat fur that’s lingering. Tonight’s dinner will be Cousins Subs, since if you spend $15 on an online purchase you get a free Summerfest ticket, and who doesn’t want a free Summerfest ticket (even if it is for a weekday)?

It’s a little hard to see the color of the room without proper lighting, so if we’re back early enough tonight I’ll grab a picture before it gets dark.

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