House Post 5

It’s the post we’ve all been waiting for! I’ll start with the less exciting things, as to bury the lead. First, we painted the upstairs bedroom a nice grey. It was still sticky about 24 hours after we finished, so we haven’t been in the room since (i.e., no futon yet). Below is a slideshow of the progression of the room, starting with the way it was before we bought the house.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here is another picture of the stuff we pulled off the floor:


I tried to install some glass doorknobs… and technically succeeded. We need to get some different screws so they actually fit in the door, but for now they’re functional… and historic (from The Mercantile). Unrelated, but important, we had dinner at Unforgettables, the stuffed mushrooms and burger were great, though they’re known for their endless nacho options and great drink specials. OK, so the big ticket item today was putting polyurethane on the floors! We got one coat down without any problems, the difference from start to finish are incredible. Tomorrow we’ll get two more coats down, it says 4-6 hours to dry, we’ll see. Collage and animation below for floor progress!


Just a shout-out to those who made this project possible: Rich at Do it Best and Portage Lumber for believing in us and MinWax for fast drying polyurethane that’s pretty easy to work with.

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