We had an exciting weekend! It started off seeing this guy fly out of a tree on the drive to the house.


First (after a delicious breakfast buffet at the Town Chef), we finished the upstairs guest bedroom/yoga studio/place where we’ll temporarily be staying until we get our bed up. We went to Menards in Baraboo, which was an adventure in and of itself. The first thing we see as we drive in was a boy peeing behind the fence with his mother standing guard. Apparently the Menards bathroom wasn’t good enough… Anyway, we found the section of carpet remnants (they only come in 12 foot lengths) and loaded a good one onto a small cart. After jousting our way to the register to a very unhappy cashier, we made it through the sea of rude customers back to the car. This is where the ‘only being available in 12 foot sections’ is important. It did not fit quite right, and for whatever reason the Rogue doesn’t have a back window that opens. We tried with the trunk open a bit but it flung all the way open pretty much straight away. So we stopped at the WalMart next store and found some twine. We roped the back door as closed as we could while Tatum held the twine and I held the rug. Somehow we made it back to Portage incident free. However, the carpet would not fit up the stairs, so instead, we loaded it up through the front window. Basically, I stood outside on the ground and hoisted the thing to the window where Tatum grabbed on and pulled in while stopping it from falling back out of the house. It’s amazing no one was really hurt in the process.

After we got the floor down we built a futon which we’ll stay on until we can get the bed up. We also added a telephone table for the lamp, a dresser, and a smart TV so we can finally get our Netflix on now that we have internet! After the upstairs room was finished we went to Portage Lumber (again) to get a hand sander and a pole sander so we could smooth out the downstairs floors before putting the final coat on. When we got back we added Gila film (Waterfall) to the front door windows. Then we sanded which made the floors super smooth and added the final coat of polyurethane. Basically, now that the floors are done, we will start living there full time and after the one week recommended furniture waiting period, we’ll start moving the rest of our big stuff in! The next big project on the list is the kitchen.


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