Happy Easter! It was a hectic weekend for us at the 1870 House. First we managed to get the bed up to the house going on back roads with the mattress, box spring, and head board on the roof!

img_20190419_132959.jpgAfter we got the bed all set up we moved out our albino California king snake Victor and our southern spotted softshell water turtle Pancake. So far both fish that were with Pancake are doing well in spite of the rough move. We also got help from David at Portage Lumber in putting our shower back together again. It turns out there was a rubber washer in it that had moved out of place which is why we couldn’t get it working. After buying a couple wrenches we got it all back together. We also replaced the shower curtain.


Bedroom pictures will come later this week or next. After moving some more things into the house, we had Easter lunner at Jose’s Authentic Mexican in Baraboo. It was the closest Mexican restaurant open and the food and atmosphere were both great!

The table had Mexican coins in it!

Since we were in Baraboo, and it was on the way (sort of), we stopped at the free zoo. It was great for the price!

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Finally, over Sunday and into Monday night we had some pretty nerve-wracking flooding in Portage. We were OK; a little water in the basement seems to have seeped in from the rain, but nothing enough to get the sump pump running. In the daytime photo, yes, that is the Wisconsin river right up over the road.

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In other sad news, it is with heavy hearts we say so-long to the Ford Focus. Paraphrasing the great philosopher George Watsky, it’s not about how nice your car looks, it’s about the adventures you have in it. For that, we thank the Focus, RIP Natty Bumppo Jr.

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