Tri-weekly update

It’s been a while, again, and there have been lots of happenings! First, as soon and mysteriously as she came to stay, she left again. So we say thanks to Terri for helping out around the house while she was here.

I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but Tatum ripped out the carpet from upstairs to find more odd things on the floor below. A lot of paint stains and some stain we’d rather not know about.

During the weekend sale-a-thon in town, we found a bag of books at the Portage Library sale. At the thrift store we found some trinkets and at the Columbia County Humane Society garage sale we found a little porcelain frog. Finally, we found a really great table for Myles, the turtle. it’s very fancy.

We had one tulip come up this year, a bunny ate the other one before we got to see it. In a related note, we got a new lawn mower! It has a 14″ cut width and a cord. It was not a quick job, but we got it done all the same. We had to empty the bag often but it looked great by the end! We even used the grass shavings as a form of mulch around the house.

This past weekend we took the heavy appliances to the basement with the help of an appliance dolly. As with everything related to this house, it was not as easy as it could have been. The stairs from the kitchen to the basement are too small to fit appliances, so we had to go out the front door, down the front stairs, up the two stairs of the entrance to the cellar and then down those 6 awkward stairs. After using the dolly to get down the front stairs we hoisted (one at a time) the freezer, the washer, and the dryer up the two stairs, and man-handled them down to the basement. In one of those I-can’t-believe-this-happened moments, all three of the machines still seem to work. We even did a load of wash tonight; it’s drying inside since we don’t have the dryer vented out yet.

The last photo below is just a fun bonus. I hope they don’t impound me! I’m sure other things have happened, and as always there will be more pictures coming!

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